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Rhyl No1 Down Home signal gantry taken in 1986

This gantry spanned over all the main lines on the eastern approaches to Rhyl although the signals only applied to the Down Fast and Down Slow lines.


The 1986 rear view of the gantry as shown in the photo also had the distant signals for Rhyl No2 box although only one signal reading on the down fast was workable at the time ; the down slow distant was converted over from a workable to a fixed distant from 14th January 1973 when the down slow between Rhyl and Abergele was taken out of use.


The signals read on the gantry (with lever numbers in Rhyl No1) from left to right in the photo were :-


Down Fast Home (2)

Down Fast to Down Slow Home (4)

Down Fast to Down Passenger Loop Home (5)

Down Slow Home (8)

Down Slow to Down Passenger Loop (12)


With the abolition of Rhyl No2 box on 25th March 1990 the down slow line from Prestatyn was taken out and the signals were repositioned on the gantry. The former down fast signals were moved over to what was originally the down slow and became the new down main home signals. The signals read as follows from left to right as trains approached them :-


Down Main to Down Loop Home 1 (8)

Down Main Home (2)

Down Main to Up Main Home (4)


Beneath Signal 2 and 8 two new miniature arm signals were commissioned for the use of attaching trains during run round movements over the down main and loop lines, usually for trains to and from the sidings.


In 1994 the signal gantry was replaced by a new colour light signal with position light indicators reading to the down loop and up main. Subsidiary signals replaced the miniature arms and were provided with "M" or "L" stencil indications.


The signal reading from the down main to the up main was new following the abolition of Rhyl No2 and it provided direct access to the up platform via a new facing crossover during emergencies if the down platform was blocked for a reason, such as a failed train. A signal move was provided to return from the up main to the down main as far as the "Limit of Shunt" signal on the Prestatyn side. This would then enable a down train to continue its journey towards Holyhead.

Rhyl No2 Up Home signal gantry 1987

Rhyl No1 signalbox together with No2 box located at the west end of the station opened in 1900 replacing older signalboxes at the time when resignalling took place and many lines in the North Wales area were widened with slow lines put in. Rhyl No1 box is the only one remaining since the closure of No2 on 25th March 1990. The box is built to a LNWR Type 4 design and has a LNW Tumbler frame of 90 levers. Today only 31 out of the 90 levers remain in use but in its heyday about 80 levers were in regular use controlling a layout which had connections to the east end of a busy goods yard, a carriage shed, a bay platform and a passenger loop on the down side. Also a small coal yard was located behind the box which nowadays is occupied by a car park. 


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I work for Network Rail as a Relief Signaller on the North Wales Coast and have always been interested in railway signalling from a very early age. The photos on my website will include railway signalling in North Wales mainly along the coast between Chester and Holyhead. So please enjoy.

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